Korak Tinoco - Riding his 5-7 Hollywood Single bump Swallow with Medium WM fins

The Hollywood


The Hollywood is your typical hybrid crossed with a traditional shortboard for surfers looking to ride something shorter and wider but still be focused on performance.   It has a lower entry rocker, with a  rather shallow concave to a pretty deep Vee off the tail and a pretty straight rail line, with medium tail rocker this allows you to surf this board wider from rail to rail with ease.

Best For:
Best for all round performance surfing for beginner shortboarders to expert shredders ( beginners just size up.  Int/adv size as normal HPSB) the Hollywood is a good option for those looking for a balanced mix between a shortboard and a hybrid for everyday surfing.
Rocker: Low entry rocker with lift  tail for extra release.
Tail: Swallow,Squash,Round

Wave Conditions: All except fast barreling waves


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