Lets Talk About The SickFish For A Moment

The PsychoFish 

The PsychoFish is built alongside Team rider Chris Ward  to fly around sections and turn on a dime, it will perform on the smallest of waves and  At the same time carve like a dream, its a fantastic Hybrid Fish you can surf in a massive range of surf with a few different fin set ups. 

Great as a Thruster a Quad or a Twin this board is a blend of our top selling , Weird Larry, and Hollywood.  What we did was take the front width and rocker of the New Weird Larry and then the tail rocker/ Hip  and vee from the ever popular Hollywood Model.

And We Have Created A


It’s easy to paddle, stable and FAST like a retro fish but carves and flows like a dream with the increase tail kick and deep vee.  It's an overall easy to surf,  small to head high wave Machine.

Flat entry then vee bottom make it super fast rail to rail.  It has a more foiled nose than the Weird Larry and swallow tail to keep it lively and versatile .  A Rounded nose with volume forward, allows for maximum planing and wave catching on small to medium sized waves.

You can ride this board as much as 5 inches shorter and quite a bit wider and thicker than your standard shortboard dims.




Your looking for a smaller board thats stable and Fast and one thats going to help you progress quickly.  If this is you, Size this board in the medium to high end of your volume range.

Intermediate/ Advanced:

You like to do technical and modern surfing, but don’t always have the waves to ride your shortboard and need to ve able to carve and glide.  Your looking for something that you can rip on no matter what conditions are doing.  Size as your shortboard volume wise.


Your have an emphasis on airs and modern technical surfing in small to medium surf.  Size as shortboard volume or slightly less.

If you have any questions about the SickFish Feel Free To Call Us Or Live Chat.  If We Don't Answer Please Leave A Message And We Will Get Back To You Within A Day.

Check Out The Psycho Fish Here

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