As you may, or may not know, we at Surf Bunker have the reputation for being 'tighter than a duck's bottom', meaning we don't like to pay very much for things. Truly though , if something is produced with the same materials, production techniques and care to detail then why pay more than you should?

A while ago I wrote an article about how much it would cost to make your surfboard fins out of gold, silver or fiberglass and had a surprising result. The article was an attempt to either validate the prices of FCS fins or prove that you were mostly paying for Mick Fanning's cigars. During the research phase of this article I discovered how much of a messy, nasty and time consuming job making fins properly is. That's when I stumbled across Watermark Fins.

Air testing at Oceanside Pier..

Air testing at Oceanside Pier..


Oli, who is the founder, owner and general visionary behind Watermark fins has a very simple ethos. All of his products are 'priced with a surfer's budget in mind' and we love that. The 'duck's bottom tightness' makes Watermark a gravitational entity to us by putting price and quality up there together. So how can they do this? Is it because Mick's cigars have gotten expensive of late and Watermark don't have to worry about cigar prices?




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