We are dedicated to creating high quality consistently dialed, surfboards for everyday surfers at prices everybody can afford. 

It all started with Oliver and his borderline unhealthy addiction to buying and trying new surfboards. Living at the OB home of legendary shaper, and Fish inventor, Steve Lis didn't hurt his Froth either. 

While, as many of us know, this addiction is certainly fun, it soon becomes very expensive with new boards retailing for $700 PLUS.  After a back injury, 30lbs gained and a need to upsize all his boards  Oliver ended up looking elsewhere to feed his addiction. Spending hours scratching through places like Craigslist looking for a deal just getting frustrated. 


With his life savings and a couple of surfboard model ideas, Oliver started contacting local shapers. He found a couple of talented shapers who were great at making boards, but not so great at marketing.   They needed to keep doing what they loved, and not having to worry about finding customers. Oliver had the marketing experience. He'd run a successful online marketing and web design company, for years.  He took his experience with boards and the waves in San Diego, and working with their shapers they came up with a few designs. Oliver made boards that he and his friends wanted to ride, and sold them at a fair price. Watermark was born.



Once we started looking at the surf industry it became clear that the crazy mark up was not only happening with surfboards. We found that even when we cut our board costs when we added $100 for a set of fins and $40 for a track pad it was still to expensive to have a decent selection. We began looking into ways to make a great product and keep costs low.

After getting scammed by a local fin company, and almost giving up on the idea we finally found a reliable manufacturer.  Located in Asia our fin manufacturer has made fins for major brands for many years.

He's an avid surfer and talented designer. He is constantly innovating, and creating lighter and more durable fins that fit into any fin box. We carefully inspect all our fins for quality and are constantly offering new designs and colors. 


Our Aim is to create surfboards that help everyday surfers surf better, save money and HAVE MORE FUN!

All our surfboards are made in the United States using the best available materials.  We work with local cutters, shapers, glassers and riders. These people are our neighbors and closest friends.

We offer a select range of pre-made boards, but specialize in custom designs ready in 2-4 weeks. We want to make you the best board you've ever had, and at a very competitive price.

Our custom surfboards are created to your exact specifications.  We spend time with you evaluating what you want to achieve with the board, where you surf, and your skill level.  We will then create the file and send it to you.  From there we will go over that file with you and tweak it until you have created the perfect board for you.  Its not the easiest way to do it, but its definitely the best.  Even with all that attention to detail we still have some of the fastest turn around times in the industry.

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