Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who are the shapers at Watermark Surf?
A: Every Watermark surfboard is made in Oceanside or Huntington Beach with each of our models uniquely designed and shaped by a team of local shapers and visionaries. Currently all surfboards are designed by: Oliver Levenson/Sean McCabe/Alex Velit  Shaped by: Sean McCabe and Alex Velit.
Q: What quality blanks do you use?
A: We use blanks made locally by US Blanks. You can find more info here: US BLANKS. For EPS we use MARKO FOAM
Q: Where are Watermark Surfboards glassed?
A: All Watermark boards are glassed at The Lab in Oceanside or at Aloha Glassing in Orange County.
Q: How long does it take to get a custom board made?
A: Currently, you will be waiting about 2-3 weeks for your board to be ready.
Q: What Fin systems are available?
A: FCS Fusion, FCS2, and Futures (All Colors)
Q: Can I add Color Gloss, Kevlar, EPS etc.?
A: Yes, we’ve got it all. The experience of the team has you covered with 99% of what's available. Just text, call, or live chat to ask.
Q: Why no shop?
A: No shop = less overhead = BETTER PRICES FOR YOU! We are not trying to be the biggest, richest company in surfing.  Just high quality, affordable, and hopefully, always profitable.  We do have a small showroom and love meeting people daily.
Q: Do you ship surfboards?
A: Yes, we can arrange shipping in the US for you.  This cost varies, so ask us first and we can get you the cost for shipping and packaging. Most boards can be shipped in the US for up to $150 max.
Q: I want to order a custom surfboard outside of what is listed on the website.
A: No problem! Feel out the custom order form and we will get you a quote within 48 hours. We can make pretty much anything, just shoot us a text or chat with us on the live chat.
Q: Are all the Fins made in the US?
A: All of our fins are designed and extensively tested in California. The finalized designs are then sent to an extremely competent fiberglass composites company in Asia like most other fin companies to have the final design manufactured. We have been able to form a great relationship with this overseas company and have found their knowledge in composites to far surpass our expectations in the field of fiberglass composites and aerospace materials. As far as the design and fin templates go, we try not to go too far past the norm, but in saying that we continuously experiment with different foils and foil technology. Our main goal is to supply a fin set that is durable, well priced and performs as expected to enhance the ability of the surfer in the water.
Q: How do you make the Fins so affordable? 
A: You have to have a very close working relationship with your design team, surfers and also the composite company that manufactures the product. We have lower overheads and are not trying to rule the world and certainly not after every surfer's money. It all comes down to management, a steady growth plan that's not greedy, and a good eye for detail in respect to the product.
Q: What Fin boxes are the Fins compatible with?
A: Watermark Surf creates aftermarket fins compatible with Futures, FCS, and FCS2.
Q:  What is your Return Policy?
A: As long as you haven’t used the fins, you can send them back within 30 days for a full refund. The fins will be inspected, and if deemed to have been used, we will offer you a partial refund (they will be used as demo fins) or we will send you the fins back for no refund.
Q: My Fin doesn’t quite fit in one of the boxes, what should I do?
A: We don’t know why this happens but it seems 1 in every 15 sets of fins has this issue. Usually, the right front fin has an issue with fitting in the box. We work constantly to make sure this doesn’t happen, but it seems like a never-ending battle. You can send them back and we’ll ship you a new set out or, using a little bit of sandpaper, a knife, or even sometimes a drop of olive oil can easily fix this issue. Note: if you sandpaper or shave the fin box you will not be eligible for a full refund. Feel free to contact us by text or live chat.



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