The Froth Pit

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The Froth Pit

  This shape is back to basics, no weird hulls, bumps or lumps.  Just pure Froth!

 What is it? Its a clean, simple design that is made for making surfing more fun than ever before. Its made for increasing  your wave count, easily linking sections together, extremely quick paddling, and allowing surfers of any level the ability to take an overall more “Super Chilled” approach to their surfing. 

The Froth Pit packs the foam on, in all the right places.  The slight hip in the rail, and pulled in tail tip, make the Froth Pit super easy to surf off the tail.  The super wide outline makes it an incredible speed machine while going rail to rail. 

The rocker is flat which gives her incredible speed as she glides effortlessly over sections. This combined with her “Man Sized” dimensions make it impossible to even imagine her ever bogging or slowing down. 
The bottom concave, a very very small single, then into a double bottom, finally finishing with a V at the back out the tail.   Made for simplicity and total FROTH!
Note:  We Are Always Tweaking These Dimensions To Improve The Boards Performance.  Use these as a Guide and Call or Chat for latest.

How To Size This Board.
Middle to high end of your Volume Range. ( Call if you need help here)
Wave Height  
1inch To 4 ft
Total Beginner To Expert
Wave Type
Everywhere just not super sucky, heavy barrels
Best Place To Surf This Board In San Diego
Everywhere In SD County up to  about 4ft.
**We have been adding a double bump and a little more rocker for people who want to push this design a little further. Ask us for more info.
Height Width Thickness Volume
5’1 20 3/8 2 1/4 26.6L
5’3 20 7/8 2 3/8 29.6L
5’5 21 3/8 2 1/2 33.0L
5’7″ 21 7/8 2 5/8 36.5L
5’9″ 22 1/8 2 3/4 39.8L
5’11″ 22 3/8 2 7/8 43.3L
6’1 22 7/8 3 47.5L


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