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“The Odyssey” Quad Modern Hybrid Fish Surfboard is a mix of what we have learned from making between high performance shortboards, and fun and playful fishes and grovel boards.

This Board Flys Like A Spaceship !

low rocker, Wide Diamond or Arc Tail Great as a Quad  or thruster

You can surf this guy in small mushy waves as well as in pretty good chest high waves maybe more in the right hands, especially here in San Diego.

The Odyssey was designed to make you Fly -  Its basically a  single to deep vee bottom that allows fantastic speed and direction changes.

The rails are medium/low for hold and speedy direction change, the rocker is pretty flat in the nose for easy paddling, with a little added kick in the tail to carve it hard and hold on late drops.

We then sometimes cut an arc tail style swallow into it out of pure curiosity and loved how it felt so stuck with it or the diamond as an option.  The nose is a round yet pulls in nicely with smooth lines.

Wardo loves his 5-6 for boosting airs and smooth turns in small waves.

Size it the same volume as your shortboard if you plan on using it as a daily driver. 

Go 5-10% bigger forded stability and a massively increased wave count.

This board will work in all kinds of conditions to about HH or a little more under the right feet and waves.


The Odyssey Dimensions:

5-4 x 20 x 2.2 = 26.65

5-6 x 20.2 x 2.25 = 28.5

5-8 x 20.5 x 2.35 = 31.84

5-10 x 20.7 x 2.45 = 33.96

6-0 x 21 x 2.55 = 36.92

6-2 x 21.25 x 2.6 - 39.33

6-4 x 21.6 x 2.7 = 42.81




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