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The Psychometric



Our latest addition to our high performance retro/modern hybrid shapes.

Taking everything that we have learned from our best seller The Squeeb and the Ideas, knowledge and feedback we have gotten from Team rider Chris Ward, we have taking our everyday small wave performance to a new level with The Psychometric.

An Asymmetrical Daily Driver

In love with riding his Psycho Fish,  and his Round Tail Wardo B.S. models, Chris had the idea was to create a board that blends together the two shapes.  

The Psychometric.

We have the low entry rocker of the Psycho fish with a single to double bottom concave.  The toe-side rail is a fish tail and your heel-side rail a thumb tail.

If your not familiar with Asymmetrical surfboards, the idea is that we don't surf the same way frontside as we do backside. 

Why Asymmetrical?

So why should you be interested in riding one of these boards?

The logic behind the idea is that an asymmetrical surfboard combines two different surfboards,One thats designed to compliment your frontside, & the other one designed works better for your your backside surfing.

When turning your board toe-side It’s naturally easier to apply pressure when  because your foot naturally wants to move and pivot that way, where as, this is more difficult on your heel side. For this reason, making the heel side have a shorter heel side rail makes it easier to turn the board when you need to.

Our Psychometric Asymmetrical design features a toe side edge that’s longer and straighter (From The Swallow Of The Psycho Fish), with a single Watermark Twin fin only on this side, and a heel side edge that’s shorter & rounder (Wardo BS Model), with two shorter fins in a Quad style setup.

You buy this board to suit your stance.  Either your Regular or Goofy!

Who is it for? 

The Psychometric is for 95% of surfers looking to ride a fun alternative shortboard in everyday to good conditions.  

Its easy to paddle, super fast and stable, easy to boost and turns on a dime! 

How To Size This Board.
Beginners – High end of your volume range
Int/Adv – 2-5% higher than your standard shortboard
Wave Height  
Knee High To 6 ft
Total Beginner To Expert
Wave Type
Everywhere just not super sucky, heavy barrels
Best Place To Surf This Board In San Diego
Everywhere In SD County up to  about 6ft depending how good you are.
Here are Some Dims - We can customize to suit you.

5-5 x 19 x 2.25 = 26.23

5-7 x 19.6 x 2.31 = 28.88

5-9 x 20 x 2.36 = 31.1

5-11 x 20.2 x 2.43 = 33.27

6-1 x 20.55 x 2.5 = 35.9

6-3 x 20.8 x 2.6 = 38.87

6-5 x 21 x 2.68 = 41.6

Height Width Thickness Volume
5’3 18 1/2 2 1/4 24.00
5’4 18.6 2.2 24.65
5’5 18.75 2.25″ 25.95
5’6 19.00 2.25″ 26.75
5’7″ 19.25 2.3 27.8
5’8 19.5 2.3 28.5
5’9″ 19.75 2.4 30.70
5’10 20" 2.5 32.3
5’11″ 20.25 2.5 34.00
6’0 20.50 2.6 35.6
6’1 20.6 2.6 37.3
6’2 20.75 2.7 38.5
6’3 20.9 2.75 40.3
6’4 21.00 2.8 42

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