The Squeeb

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The Squeeb

Our latest addition to our high performance hybrid shapes.

Taking what we have learned from our best seller The Craft Brew we have taking our small wave performance to a new level with the Squeeb.

Low entry rocker and CB style nose with a squash tal.  A little extra kick tail rocker rocker adds performance, it;s, a single to slight double through the fins with a little hip to bring in the tail.

Our Aim

Our aim was to create a shortboard that works from Knee high to head high.  A shortboard that beginners can surf as a first shortboard, Intermediates can have a stable board that’s gonna help them progress quickly and advanced surfers can rip small waves to pieces on, especially in the bad to ok conditions we surf so often throughout the year.

Who is it for? 

The Squeeb is for 95% of surfers looking to ride a shortboard in everyday conditions.   Its easy to paddle, super fast and stable, easy to boost and turns on a dime!


How To Size This Board.
Beginners – High end of your volume range
Int/Adv – 5-10% higher than your standard HPSB
Wave Height  
Knee To 5 ft
Total Beginner To Expert
Wave Type
Everywhere just not super sucky, heavy barrels
Best Place To Surf This Board In San Diego
Everywhere In SD County up to  about 5ft depending how good you are.
Height Width Thickness Volume
5’3 18 1/2 2 1/4 24.00
5’4 18.6 2.2 24.65
5’5 18.75 2.25″ 25.95
5’6 19.00 2.25″ 26.75
5’7″ 19.25 2.3 27.8
5’8 19.5 2.3 28.5
5’9″ 19.75 2.4 30.70
5’10 20" 2.5 32.3
5’11″ 20.25 2.5 34.00
6’0 20.50 2.6 35.6
6’1 20.6 2.6 37.3
6’2 20.75 2.7 38.5
6’3 20.9 2.75 40.3
6’4 21.00 2.8 42

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