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Wardo 5-11 Watermark Trademark Indo from Oliver Levenson on Vimeo.


Basically our version of the classic "Flyer".  The Trademark has been designed as an all round performance shortboard option for small to medium sized waves and is our most popular team board.  The  Trademark is a versatile Shortboard and is a perfect for knee high beach breaks or playful chest to around head HIgh, hollow reefs.

Who is it Best For:
We Put All New Team Riders On A TM To Start.
 Its an all round performance board for small to medium sized waves.
The Trademark is  for the progressive surfer looking for an everyday performance shortboard thats perfect for all So Cal throws at it.  
It has a medium entry rocker and medium/low tail rocker

Single concave to a slight double between the fins 

Model: Trademark

Wave Size : knee to a little overhead

Wave Conditions: All

Experience Level: Beginner /Intermediate – Pro 

You can customize it more narrow or wider to step it up or down, and it still works great.  

Tail: Squash, Round, Swallow

Height Width Thickness Volume
5’4″ 18.3/8″ 2.1/8″ 21.42
5’6″ 18 1/2″ 2.3/16″ 23.4
5’8″ 18.1/2″ 2.5/16″ 25.2
5’10” 19″ 2.3/8″ 27
6’0″ 19.3/8″ 2.3/8″ 28.5
6’1″ 19.1/2″ 2.1/2″ 31
6’2″ 19.13/16″ 2.5/8″ 33
6’3″ 20.1/4″ 2.5/8″ 35
6’4″ 20.1/2″ 2.3/4″ 36.32
6’6″ 21″ 2.3/4″ 48

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