The Weird Larry 2

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People Love the Weird Larry.

This style of surf craft is everywhere you look at the moment.  This is because of course, it just plain works.  From beginner to pro you can have fun on a W Larry in a wide variety of waves and wave sizes.

Its still a fish though, and we wanted to make it a little more Sporty and we nailed it.

The Weird Larry 2  is a fantastic option for everyone and it can be surfed in almost all conditions.   Characteristics From the original remain like, quick take off , instant control, and paddle power but now we have a little narrower nose and tail, and more forgiving rail, with a little more rocker throughout.

Best For:

Larry 2 is great option for anybody.   This board is smooth and fast and responsive and holds good in steeper sections of the wave and flows over smaller mushy stuff.  Like the original it also really excels in Smooth glassy conditions.


Rocker: Medium to low rocker  with extra kick in the Tail 
Rails: Full 
Concave: Single concave going into a vee

Wave Size: 2-7ft

Wave Type: All

Experience: All

Height Width Thickness Volume
5’6 19.25 2.4 27.3
5’8 19.74 2.48 29
5’9 20 2.5 32
5’10 20 2.55 33
5’11 20.5 2.6 34.2
6’0 20.5 2.6 34.5
6’1 20.7 2.6 35
6’2 20.75 2.65 36.7
6’3 20 .8 2 .7 37.5
6’4 21 2.75 39
6’6 21.65 2.8 43
6’8 21.75 3 45

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