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Surfboard Quality - All our surfboards are designed and shaped here in Oceanside, also in HB during heavy months.  We make the boards and get all our materials locally and glass in Oceanside or Aloha glassing in Huntington Beach.

Watermark Fins - All of our fins are designed and extensively tested in California. The finalized designs are then sent to an extremely competent fiberglass composites company in Asia like most other fin companies, to have the final design manufactured.  Our goal is high quality fins that are tested to work all over the world at a price thats fair. ( I mean, charging $150 for a set of fins made the same way. Somethings wrong there! We will NEVER make you pay that ) 

Custom Surfboard Turn-Around Time - Currently our turn around time is 2-3 weeks from ordering to having the board ready.  Shipping would add usually about 7-10 days in the USA.

Price - Our goal as always is to produce the best quality work we can,  at a price thats fair for the consumer, for us, and also for the industry.  We are a small start up, of now 3 years and feel you have to earn the right to charge what the veterans can rightfully demand for their surf crafts.  For this reason we price ourselves the way we do.  We keep our our overheads low and use these savings to maximize quality to our clients. Our goal is to stay small and profitable not get massive and sell our soul, like so many companies before.

Customer Service - We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service without the attitude you get from so many companies.  Unless its pumping, we are always available and offer a number of ways to ask your questions.  Just look around this website.

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